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Life's a beach: How to get the most out of your family beach day

Life's a beach: How to get the most out of your family beach day
Life's a beach: How to get the most out of your family beach day

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Whether it's a family holiday, a weekend away or even a spur of the moment sunny afternoon, who doesn't love a trip to the beach?

The sound of waves crashing, sun softly hitting your face, kids laughing, it all sounds so perfect. So, to ensure a great next beach day, follow these tips and tricks for some great fun in the sun that won't be cut short.

Get in early

Sleeping in on a sunny morning can be tempting, particularly if you've managed to plan a family getaway, but if you're organising a beach day, getting in early is the ideal. Nobody wants to get to the beach, umbrella in hand, family in tow and find that all the best spots have been taken.

To maximise your snooze time and also get the most out of your fun in the sun, pack your things and load them into the car the night before. This way when you wake up you simply have to slip, slop, slap and you'll be on your way.

Up the activities

The easiest way to elevate any family beach day is to bring out the beach games. Whether your family is the competitive kind, or more a go with the flow type clan, there is truly something for everyone.

Beach Volleyball: A little bit of competition never hurt anybody, and if your family has a genetic competitive gene, then beach volleyball is the perfect addition to your day. Pick a side, be it mum or dad and watch as fun, and maybe a little bit of chaos ensues. Bonus points if you come up with a prize like the losing team pays for ice cream. One thing is for certain, you're sure to be exhausted by the time the sun goes down.

Frisbee fun: Beach volleyball a little too high speed for you? Why not opt for the eternally fun frisbee instead. This activity is a little more of a leisurely pace and can be played with kids of all ages, after all, it's never too early to teach your kids coordination; plus this pastime can be played in the water, or on land, so take advantage of the beach and frisbee away.

Get Creative: Being at the beach doesn't mean all games have to be high speed or fast paced; it's time to find your creative side and engage in a family sand castle competition. Dig out those buckets and spades and see who can create the coolest castle, or most magical mermaid tail. You never know, you could find the next Michaelangelo in your midst.

Ready for refreshments

Whether your family consists of five, fifteen, or fifty year olds, it is vital not to skimp on the sustenance. A snack or two might seem like an afterthought but without a bite, your beach day might be cut short.

Plan ahead and prepare some beach friendly snacks that don't melt the second you see the sun. Packing a fresh variety of food is the perfect way to keep energy levels up and prolong your sun, surf and swim time.

Don't forget to protect the precious cargo in beach proof pouches; after all, nobody wants a sandy sandwich.

While you're sorting your snacks out, don't forget to remember hydration. A top tip is to freeze your water the night before, so you're not stuck suffering through a warm water bottle; and whilst you might be tempted to pack light, remember it's better to overdo it with snacks then under.

An underfed clan of kids is a recipe for disaster. However, the most vital tip for your beach day refreshments is, don't forget the ice cream at the end of the day, don't forget the losing volleyball team foots the bill.

Perfect your packing

Since you're packing the night before to maximise your beach day fun, it's time to run through the fun in the sun checklist.

Whilst the necessities like towels, SPF and food are obvious, overpacking for the beach is the name of the game, don't cut corners when it comes to sun safety.

A big beach umbrella is the perfect way to get through your day safely and minus a pesky case of sunstroke, it also provides a much needed shady oasis from the hot Australian sun.

Make sure to throw a few extra towels into your tote, this takes care of any accidental spills, soaks, or even a high tide accident.

Similarly, a big bottle of SPF gets the family tick of approval. This will take care of all your reapplication needs and ensure your family sun fun doesn't turn into family wide sunburn.

A family beach day is a glorious way to spend your summer. It leads to sunsoaked happy snaps, sandy bathers and salty skin.

So remember to grab yourself some games, chuck in the towels and pack your snacks, you're headed off to your best beach day yet.